NRA Certified Firearm Instructor Training Workshops, nationwide.

The founder of International Firearm Safety, Inc., W. Alecs Dean, is the single most accredited Firearm Instructor in the entire United States.

He conducts NRA Certified Firearm Instructor Training Workshops in all disciplines.

Instruction is available 7 days a week, nationwide.

We offer NRA Instructor courses including:

  • Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Home Firearm Safety Instructor
  • Basic Pistol Instructor
  • Basic Rifle Instructor
  • Basic Shotgun Instructor
  • Refuse to be a Victim Instructor
  • Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor
  • Shotgun Shell Reloading Instructor
  • Muzzleloading Pistol Instructor
  • Muzzleloading Rifle Instructor
  • Muzzleloading Shotgun Instructor
  • Personal Protection In the Home Instructor
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor