Company Background

International Firearm Safety Inc. was incorporated in the State of Florida in 2007. Since its inception International Firearm Safety has grown to become one of the leading firearm training companies in the Southeast offering the largest selection of National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Training Courses.

We offer training based in our Ft. Myers, FL headquarters location or at one of our business partners training sites throughout the country. If we do not have an established location near you, we can still offer the same high-quality training through our Mobile Training Center option.

company Leadership

International Firearm Safety owner and founder Alecs Dean is a highly respected NRA Training Counselor and has an extensive background in firearm training. Dean holds the National Rifle Association “Refuse To Be A Victim” Regional Counselor Rating

Dean is a National Rifle Association Training Counselor in the disciplines of “Refuse To Be A Victim”, “Personal Protection Inside The Home”, “Home Firearm Safety”, “Basic Rifle”, “Basic Shotgun”, “Metallic Cartridge Reloading”, “Shotgun Shell Reloading”, “Personal Protection Outside The Home”, “Muzzle-Loading Rifle”, “Muzzle-Loading Pistol”, “Muzzle-Loading Shotgun”, and “Basic Pistol”.

Dean has been certified as a Firearm Instructor and has taught courses for 26 different states concealed carry programs. Dean is the only instructor in the State of Florida certified by AZ, KS, LA, MA, ND, NM, OK, SC, TN.
As an NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer, he regularly certifies NRA Range Safety Officers & may write the SOP for range operations. His experience has included training Range Safety Officers for several other countries, including Canada, Northern Ireland, Italy, & Holland.
Dean is current Editor of Florida CWFL Magazine and the main contributor to the book ‘ Firearm Fundamentals ‘ by Gary Behr. He has written pieces for many national publications, including the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network newsletter, Gun Owners Of America newsletter, the NRA magazine, and more. Articles written on topics such as training children, open carry of firearms by civilians, advanced tactical training techniques.
International Firearm Safety was profiled on CNN Money in 2014 as a trending business in the US.

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